Great Lakes WRF Ensemble, a product of the Mesoscale Research Group at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

(4/21/15): The 0000 UTC/22 April ensemble suite will test out the recently-released WRF-ARW v3.7 code. There are two changes being made to the ensemble as a part of this upgrade. One, the stochastic kinetic energy backscatter scheme is being invoked, with a different seed, for all ensemble members on the domain and lateral boundaries. Two, the updated Tiedtke cumulus parameterization is being used by the two ensemble members that previously utilized the older version of the parameterization.

Current 48-hr Forecast Ensemble Mean Accumulated Precipitation (inches) and Sea-Level Pressure (hPa)

Welcome to the UWM Great Lakes WRF Ensemble home page! We run a once-daily (0000 UTC), ten-member ensemble of numerical weather forecasts across the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest using the WRF-ARW forecast model. Please use the menus above to browse all model output and to find configuration details, or e-mail us with feedback or suggestions.

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