Teaching Philosophy and Educational Resources

I teach two to three courses per academic year in my areas of expertise, namely tropical meteorology, mesoscale meteorology, numerical weather prediction, and synoptic meteorology. As a teacher, I strive to encourage students to think critically about the material being taught. I aim to positively impact their career development by facilitating the development of students' ability to critically evaluate ideas presented before them and to creatively apply existing knowledge to new problems so as to generate understanding. A listing of current and recent courses, including course websites where available, may be found at right.

Furthermore, in my capacity as a professor, advisor, and mentor, I strive to assist students in identifying opportunities to further their skills outside of the traditional classroom environment. To that end, I have put together a series of webpages providing information regarding undergraduate scholarships, undergraduate research opportunities, graduate scholarships, and post-doctoral fellowships to students and advisors at UWM and elsewhere. Links to these resources may be found below.

Undergraduate Research | Undergraduate Scholarships | Graduate Fellowships and Post-Docs


Mesoscale Meteorology
Atm Sci 460, Spring 2017
First Year Seminar (D2L)
Atm Sci 194, Fall 2016
Tropical Meteorology
Atm Sci 470, Spring 2016
Numerical Weather Prediction
Atm Sci 950, Fall 2015
Synoptic Meteorology II
Atm Sci 361, Spring 2015
Synoptic Meteorology I
Atm Sci 360, Fall 2014