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Course Syllabus
The Principle of "Me Too"

Important Dates

February 28: Project Topic Due
March 16: Mid-Term (guidance)
May 11: Project Presentations
May 18: Final Exam

Most course materials are in Adobe PDF format. A free reader for PDF files is available from Adobe's website and is included with recent versions of most web browsers. Please notify me if you require assistance in obtaining such a utility.

Course Outline and Materials

  • Radar Principles and Analysis (31 Jan, 2 Feb): Read the course text's Appendix. Review selected sections in the NOAA WDTD Radar and Applications course materials (WSR-88D Fundamentals Parts 1-4, Legacy Base Data Generation, Large-Scale Doppler Velocity Patterns, Storm-Scale Doppler Velocity Patterns, Base Reflectivity, Base Velocity & Storm-Relative Velocity Mean Radial Map, Correlation Coefficient, and Differential Reflectivity).
  • Sounding and Stability Analysis (7, 9 Feb): Read Sections 2.1 (Thermodynamics), 2.3.3 (Buoyancy), 2.6 (Thermodynamic Diagrams), 2.7 (Hodographs), and 3.1 (Static Instability) from the course text. You may also find the Air Force's "The Use of the Skew T, Log P Diagram in Analysis and Forecasting" useful, particularly Chapters 4 and 5, but reading it is not required; it is meant only as a reference.
  • Quasi-Geostrophic Theory (14, 16 Feb): No formal text readings. If you have previously taken courses in synoptic and/or dynamic meteorology, you may find your notes from those classes helpful to refresh your memory. Otherwise, please see "The Quasi-Geostrophic Height Tendency Equation", "The Quasi-Geostrophic Omega Equation," and "The Q-Vector form of the Quasi-Geostrophic Omega Equation" lecture notes from Atm Sci 361 in Spring 2015.
  • Fronts and Frontogenesis (21, 23 Feb): Read Sections 5.1.1 (General Characteristics), 5.1.2 (Types of Fronts), 5.1.3 (Motion of Fronts), and 5.1.5 (Kinematics of Frontogenesis).
  • Drylines and Low-Level Jets (28 Feb, 2 Mar): Read Sections 4.7 (Low-Level Jets) and 5.2 (Drylines).
  • Sea-/Lake- and Land Breezes (7, 9 Mar): Read Section 5.4.1 (Sea- and Land-Breeze Fronts). Note errata for Eqn. (5.48): it should be a +, rather than a -, in front of R_d. Errata for pg. 153, upper left: 4.24 -> 4.23a, onshore -> offshore, offshore -> onshore. Reading Section 2.4.3 (Circulation Theorems) may also be helpful.
  • Planetary Boundary Layer (28 Mar): Read Sections 4.1-4.4, paying particular attention to Sections 4.2-4.4.