Our group uses numerical models and theory to research the dynamics and predictability of mesoscale phenomena ranging from tropical cyclones to organized convective systems.

Graduate Student Opportunities

There are currently no openings for prospective graduate students. Please check back next fall for information on opportunities for students beginning in 2020.

Latest News

May 24, 2019 - We're excited to welcome three new members to the group: Dillon Blount and Michael Vossen in fall, and Michelle Spencer in spring!

Our Group

We use a combination of numerical modeling and theory to conduct research into the dynamics and predictability of mesoscale phenomena, including convection initiation, mesoscale convective systems, and tropical cyclones. Group alumni have gone on to employment in both research and operations.

Clark Evans

Prof. Clark Evans

Kevin Prince

Kevin Prince

Indirect Tropical
Cyclone Interactions

Jesse Schaffer

Jesse Schaffer

for TC Intensity

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